I noticed when I went to church  for

a glory filled Easter Celebration on

a beautiful pastel painted Spring day

that the parking lot was sadly empty.

Hearts were full of the beauty of

Jesus Christ but the seats were bare

and tragically few were there.


I noticed when I left God’s beauty-filled

Christ-centered church that on the other side

the over-crowded mall was filled to capacity.

Cars were eagerly driving around, and around, and

around waiting, waiting, and waiting for an opportunity

to enter in. Oh, America, America, America where God’s

lavish grace has been shed on thee, our precious Trinity

must weep. For God can not bless a nation whose God

is not Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

May God’s tears become our tears. May we repent and

once again eagerly fill the churches of the Lord with

fervent worship, joy, and praise. Precious brothers and

sisters in Jesus Christ, Yeshua whose house do we serve?