Our souls can feel an attitude.

Sharp, arrogant, unkind, broken harsh edges, or loving, kind, hopeful, merciful,

engaging, Biblically centered, Christ-given, peace-filled, aquamarine living water

graces that flow from a Cross-bought son or daughter who humbly and sincerely

seeks to serve their Savior and others well. The more we are in our Saviors

precious Holy Word, the ultimate divine, and Holy well, the more our Triune God

fills  the hearts dessert spaces with the tender, loving, and gracious ways of the

King of Kings. May His living waters ceaselessly flow into our lives filling our

souls with  divine, Holy, noble, majestic, and beautiful things. For our abiding

place is in the throne room of the King of Kings, as exhibited by living out our

Saviors kingdom agenda, not our own. For we as Christ’s redeemed royal ones

seek to restore, heal, and be ambassadors and shepherds  of the good news 

always giving grace, upon grace, upon grace, upon grace, in Jesus name

so much so that everyone knows that our source is outside of  ourselves.  

For our joyful,  royal source  is Jesus Christ our Lord, the Light of the World,

the living water whose Holy, joyful, sanctified streams should be more and

more visible  each and every day, more and more visible each and every day.

Our souls can feel an attitude.