May our lives be a ceaseless Holy, resplendent  worship song to Jesus

Christ, full of our Creator’s fragrant  Heavenly gemstones of praise, full of

His Holy melodic emerald pine tree wonder, full of His life-giving roses

and rubies of  joy, full of His lilac amethyst hope, full of His lilies of

alabaster mercy, full of the wise men’s worship and praise filled

bouquet of spices,  gold, frankincense  and myrrh,  diamond-like gifts

filled with gratitude,  love, wonder,  and awe. May we be our Savior’s

beauty- drenched gold and silver vessels enameled  with our Savior’s

redemptive abundant graces because He is ours and we are forever and

always will be His royal, children, a Holy fragrant, and gem filled

example to this world. May our lives  be a ceaseless Holy, resplendent

worship song of Holy wonder to Jesus Christ who is perfume to all the

world. May our lives joyously exude Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of

Lords to every people, every tribe, and every nation, who is always and

forever faithful, merciful, kind, Holy, loving, just,  and true. Jesus Christ,

Yahweh, Elohim, the Messiah, our precious Lord and Savior who is the

only hope for all the world. May we be His fragrant gemstones,His humble

and gracious light bearers, shining brightly, in this ever darkening earth.