Sin’s darkness creeps. Demonic lies increase.

Blackened, jagged violence sweeps.Nations weep.

Luciferian based terror is on the rise and the world

is literally fragmenting and falling apart before our very eyes.

Blinded, God rejecting nations wonder why, as societies viciously

and willfully call good evil and evil good, while the word sin is scarcely

utilized and tragically minimized. People, governments, nations

continuously turn their back on Yahweh, the beauty filled

Alpha and Omega, the loving Savior to all the world.

And yet so many refuse to humble themselves and

pray and seek God’s face. Instead, nations and people

rebelliously turn away and instead worship and choose to deify

and worship the creature and creation rather than our Creator-God.

All of Christ’s followers sorrow for increased, blackened, sin-filled

demonic forces are destroying our land and sin is lifted high.

When the perfume and salt of the world, the person and name of

Jesus Christ, who ceaselessly offers His costly Salvation freely to all

peoples and nations is minimized, mocked, attacked, rejected, ignored,

our Savior’s heart is truly broken.  For Jesus Christ, King of Kings, and

Lord of  Lords, the one and only true source of all love, hope, joy , life and

light, is willfully, repeatedly and tragically banished from the public square.

When we as a nation turn our back on the Creator of the universe,

destruction can only tragically ensue. History attests to the very fact that

this is true, that any nation or people who reject Jesus Christ as King of

Kings and Lord of Lords will not prosper. The Christ-centered student of

history and the Word of God knows that throughout all the ages that any

nation who does not worship and honor the Triune God will tragically and

eventually be destroyed. Yet our Savior Jesus Christ, King of Kings, and

Lord of Lords lovingly, gently, kindly, compassionately, mercifully, and

tearfully implores, “Return to me all you nations and peoples of this Babel

filled -earth. For all of earthly time is short. Seek and return to me and see

how I can bring a divine healing to your war-torn hearts and war-torn

lands! But I cannot not will not bless a nation or a people who willfully and

rebelliously turn their back on me time and time again: I cannot bless any who

who stubbornly ignores and mocks my Holy commandments and decrees!”

And so this grace-bought humble poet laments for all the nations and

peoples of all the earth knowing that if not by the grace of God, we all

would self-destruct. And  so may we ,as the Church of Jesus Christ, His

bride, lovingly implore all peoples and all nations to humbly turn back

and worship the only way, the only truth, the only light, Jesus Christ, the

one and only King of Kings, Creator, Savior, Redeemer, Friend, and Sovereign

Lord to every people, every nation, every tribe, and every land. For this is

our humble, tearful, earthly prayer and humble lament, “Heavenly Father,

Savior, Gentle Spirit forgive our nation, forgive our sins, forgive our pride,

forgive our apathy and bring revival and healing to all the nations of all

the earth by humble penitent prayer and obedience. May we all, turn from

our sins to Jesus Christ through ceaseless, Holy, contrite prayer. Revive us

again our precious Savior. May our nation and all the nations repent, turn

back, and kneel to Jesus Christ, the one and only majestic, resurrected,

living King of Kings and Lord of Lords, our only hope. Amen and Amen.