I heard and saw jagged, cruel, unfair, judgmental, dismissive

verbal missiles enter a heart and crush a precious soul, a

truly grievous crime against the heart of our most tender God.

I saw God’s precious Holy words enter a heart which gave lavish

encouraging, binding, soothing, encouraging love, hope, mercy, and grace.

Church of Jesus Christ, may our words never be used as weapons to

destroy one another. But rather our every word should be lavish gifts

of love, tenderness, mercy and grace and restoration. Wounding words

within the church of Jesus Christ should not ever, ever, ever be so.

May we as, children of the great I AM, be the ones that always defends.

If we truly esteemed each other better than ourselves, would not this

world because of Jesus Christ, the Lord, the King of Kings within us,

have more of a Heavenly glow.