The blessings of Christ created beauty is all around us. For we can listen to His

majestic, royal voice in creation. I can hear our Savior’s Holy whisper like the

voice of many waters? Can you? This is what I imagine that our glorious Savior

might say, “This is only a reflection of my glory. Enjoy and give thanks child

of grace. For when you look for beauty, you will find beauty all around for the

earth is mine and all the fullness of it. I have created earth’s beauty for all the

inhabitants of the world to enjoy. In Heaven, the fullness of my beauty and

glory will be revealed. Until then, children of grace, with living  water falls of

extravagant grace, hope, and love ,boldly proclaim and tenderly live out by your

Spirit empowered words and actions salvation’s triumphant life changing good news “