The powerful love and grace of Jesus Christ

living within the hearts,souls, minds, and lives

of His royal heirs should change the culture

of the outside world ,who are tragically without the

spiritual riches found in Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Are our lives a lavish, authentic portrayal of the

ceaseless love, grace , and hope of Jesus Christ?

Or tragically are we a weak portrayal of the beauty,

love, and grace of Jesus Christ our Lord, Savior,

Redeemer, Friend, and King of Kings. May we all

stay on repentant and bended knee until we can

represent our Savior humbly, authentically, graciously,

capably with lavish hope, grace, love, kindness ,forgiveness,

and gracious tender care that comes from daily death to self.

The powerful love and grace of Jesus Christ authentically living

within us can change a soul from un-redeemed to redeemed!