mountain-stream (1)

May our delight be found in running to the Holy throne room of grace

through praise and prayer and hearing His majestic, still small voice in our

hearts. For this is like  hearing Heaven’s beauty filled golden trumpets

decorating our souls with God’s spiritual gemstones of love, joy,

forgiveness , victory,  and praise. Such praise and prayer multiplies

our Savior’s grace,peace, and presence as we listen to His continuous 

life-giving, majestic crystal like river flowing over all of life’s  sharpened

rocks until all is calm, polished, gem-like, smooth, and still. All because the 

delight of our heart, soul, and mind is found in praise,prayer, worship and

adoration of Jesus Christ, our Lord, the one and only majestic,tender, loving,  

beauty and treasure filled King of Kings and Lord of Lords!