There is the beautifully adorned gem

studded gold enameled Heavenly door

of Salvation that opens, welcomes and embraces

the forgiven sinner saved by grace. Within

those majestic blood bought doors is exquisite

forgiveness,victory,joy, love, peace, and hope.

Such a door we can only imagine with

eyes of faith. Yet with  of faith we can

imagine Salvation’s doors divinely

decorated with the ceaseless spiritual

riches found in Jesus Christ the Lord.

There is also the enemy decorated door

darkened and glazed with a pseudo

light but inside a dark, insidious cave

of shame, despair, condemnation,and a

spiraling down of tragic sin,created

by Lucifer, insidious angel of light

and father of all lies and destruction.

Choose wisely for the choice each soul

makes brings the loving ceaseless beauty

of eternal light filled salvation or the eternally

darkened abyss of eternal condemnation.