All of earth sings of the beauty filled redemptive song of Calvary.

Precious Savior open our eyes that we may truly see that the

entire earth is full of the victorious redemptive story of the

King of Kings.May we  but hear, and see that all of creation

is enthralled by and sings of salvations transformation as it

changes its own royal earthly robes from fall, winter, spring,

and summer, May we see that salvations story is revealed

throughout the earth. May we see the  beauty filled theme of

redemption in the transformation of the worm like caterpillar to the

regal butterfly. May we see the metaphor of redemption when the

pressures of this Christ created earth changes blackened coal into

the stunning beauty of a diamond that shines it’s internal brilliance

of light,beauty and delight through out all the ages for all humanity

to see. For redeeming transformation is the story of the precious

Cross of Jesus Christ our Lord, The story of redemption is

found in the cries of a new born baby born in a stable sent as a

precious eternal blessing and gift because of our loving Triune God’s

sovereign plans.All of earth sings of the beauty filled song of Calvary.

We see it in the birds who joyfully criss cross the skies flying higher

and higher as they sing their songs of praise to their Redeemer,

creator and King of Kings. We can see the redemption story in the

colorful, exquisite varied colors and hues of flowers when tended,

nurtured, watered, and weeded so that they too can become beautifully

transformed at their appointed time. We see redemptions glorious, gracious 

story in the beauty of a rainbow after a storm, a promise to the world that

we indeed  do not have to be destroyed, but we are pursued, loved, forgiven,

,transformed, and  made new when we accept Jesus Christ  as our Savior

and Lord. O precious  crucified and resurrected Lord open our  eyes that we

may truly see that all of Creation sings, celebrates, and reveals the glorious,

victorious, triumphant, redemptive story of Gods precious sacrificial lamb.

Look,watch, hear, and see with gratitude, awe, and wonder for the

beauty-filled earth is filled with innumerable Christ created, treasure filled,

Heavenly metaphors of the glorious story of Calvary.