How many moments will we  choose to look

to our beauty filled Savior  and have a  Holy,

sacred moment with our precious, beauty filled God?

The great I Am is waiting, hoping,wanting us to pursue  Him in

the midst of each and  every breath. He is always there to fill us

with His boundless Holy courage, grace and love so we become 

Holy servants and royal representatives of His unending love.

Oh this thought brings me  to my knees in gratefulness and wonder

that the God of all the ages  ongs to fellowship with sin-filled dusty

humanity. For every day is a joy. a thrill a Holy adventure when we

choose to abide  in the majestic throne room of the King of Kings.

For His peace is never-ending and His love, His love, His love, is a

 perpetual spring filled, royal, bountiful , Holy elegant bouquet!