The heart of sinful man that is often never satisfied frequently

perpetuates this cruel, arrogant,angry,critical, judgmental

attitude of , “It is never good enough.” Whether said outwardly

or inwardly, it is a truly abusive enemy driven scheme of

condemnation indeed! For such a demonic approach crushes hearts

and spirits and makes precious, Godly people groan and weep!

So when your best is not ever good enough and you have done

your work not unto man but for the glory of our God and His

eternal Kingdom, know this child of the King of Kings, our Triune

God will always with great delight, joy, pride and jubilation

say, “Well done thou good and faithful servant!” So do not be

fooled by the never satisfied heart of sin and pride filled humanity!

For a grateful,appreciative, encouraging spirit and a thankful heart

is always what the truly noble, Spirit-filled, Christ-centered, Word centered, 

Heaven focused, true and humble servant of God will consistently display!