May we live only in the mightiness of our God.

For we as God’ s royal and chosen priesthood

know the mightiness and immensity of our precious

Triune God! May our prayers move mountains. For we as

God’ s royal and chosen priesthood know the mightiness and

immensity of our precious  Triune God! May our prayers change

the course of nations. For we as God’ s royal and chosen priesthood

know the mightiness and immensity of ou precious Triune God!

May our prayers of passionate, stalwart faith heal hearts and cause

the darkness of the enemy to subside and the light of Christ to break

forth everywhere.  For we as God’ s royal and chosen priesthood know

the mightiness  and immensity of our precious Triune God! May we

pray without ceasing. For we more than any other people, God’s royal

joint heirs know the  mightiness and immensity of our precious Triune God.

May we never again be anxious or fear for we are under the tender, gracious,

merciful, providential, and watchful care and government of our precious

Triune God.  For we as God’ s royal and chosen priesthood know the mightiness

and immensity of our precious Triune God! May we walk by faith and

not by sight! May His mighty immensity and majesty fill our hearts minds,

souls, and lives as we do our greatest work for the Kingdom as we come

boldly, fervently, needily, humbly, ceaselessly to the exquisite  love filled

throne room of grace and spiritual treasures through stalwart faith and prayer!