I saw a beautiful jade like Monarch chrysalis today.

So enthralled was I with this God-given,Christ

created, spirit sent gift of beauty that I just wanted

to stay while to just take in the exquisite and quiet

beauty of our Creator’s pen. As I watched, I noticed

around the monarch’s Chrysalis was a crown of gold.

I would not have seen it had I not pressed in so close.

Such a tiny crown of gold I  had never seen. This tiny gem

like crown was truly fit for the regal butterfly who was still

 enrobed by their jade like enclosure. I waited and watched

until soon I saw a transformed, majestic Monarch appear,

a new creature indeed.  From a humble worm like caterpillar

to the magnificent regal monarch of stunning transparent  

stained glass  amber beauty and delight. I stood in humble 

awe at the sheer brilliance of our Creator,Savior, redeemer

and friend’s gem like creation of majesty. Beauty creating beauty.

For is this not just like our grace filled Savior taking all our sins

to the Cross, redeeming us, transforming us, making us new,

molding us into salvation filled new creations and giving

us His wings, His royal robes of righteousness, His forgiveness,

His love, His royal pedigree, and then calling us royal and delighted

in children of Jesus Christ the Lord, Monarch of all Monarchs, joint heirs,

future Kings and Queens of the King of Kings for all eternity! Should not the

reality of the abundant, ceaseless spiritual riches we have in Jesus Christ make

all of our hearts sing? I saw a beautiful jade like Monarch chrysalis today.