I want to be the type of visibly

on fire passionate Christ-centered

Christian that when I see someone

carrying an immense enemy created

cross of fear, insecurity shame, blame,

condemnation. pain, suffering, hurt

or woe that I choose to run to their 

side like Simon of Cyrene did and

choose to honorably and graciously carry

the heavy cross of shame, pain, or suffering!

May I, may we be joyful modern day triumphant

Simon’s of Cyrene and carry the cross for others

like Jesus Christ did for us. For Jesus Christ

our beautiful Lord living magnificently, lovingly,

ceaselessly and compassionately in us like this

can and will change the world as we honorably

and graciously bear each others heavy loads.

May I, may we be joyful,triumphant modern

day Simon’s of Cyrene and carry the  cross

for others like Jesus did for us. For truly

there is no greater honor or joy than to

truly and authentically live as Jesus lived!

May I, may we be joyful modern day

Simon’s of Cyrene and carry the cross

for others like Jesus did for us! There is

no greater honor or joy than to truly

and authentically live as Jesus lived!

Father grant us the courage to carry

each others burdens not to create

for each other heavy loads. May I,

may we be joyful, triumphant modern

day Simon’s of Cyrene and carry

the cross for others honorably

and graciously like Jesus did for us!