How can I?,

How can we

always be

servants of

Jesus Christ,

King of Kings

and Lord of Lords

no matter what

the situation,

no matter what

earthly power prevails,

the question is always,

should always be,

will always be,

How can I,

How can we

always be the humble,

loving, passionate,

praise filled, worshipful

Christ honoring

servants and disciples

of Jesus Christ,

King of Kings

and Lord of Lords?

How can I? How can we

always be a servant?

May our prayers

and lives of faith

choose to always

daily die so that

we can be humble,

passionate servants

for the unshakeable

eternal Kingdom of

Jesus Christ the Lord!

So that we can be

loving ,praise, and

light filled disciples

to our King of Kings,

and Lord of Lords

who has rescued

us from darkness so

that we can forever

and eternally be

royal heirs proclaiming

His eternal goodness,

light and love.

For we have been

forever transformed

from darkness to light,

from death to life,

from glorying in self,

to boasting in the the

victorious, triumphant Cross

of Jesus Christ alone!

May we sing of our Savior’s

praises all day long,

For look at all the

great things our

Savior has done!