When death comes to those we love.

May we in our deep grief and sorrow

know that those who truly know

Jesus Christ as Lord, death for them

is truly a victorious door of hope to the life

they have always dreamed.  Oh yes we grieve

but with the eternal reality that one day we will

not only see our Savior face to face but we will see

them again on Heaven’s shore with beautiful,

perfected eternal bodies worshiping our Savior

while they live in the wonder and beauty of a Heavenly

city, whose light is the glory and love of our Triune God.

Oh they will be waiting for you and me in the gem studded

celestial city to welcome us into Heaven’s incomprehensible,

exquisite splendors when it is time for our earthly journey to

come to a close. Oh they will be there dear ones. They will be

there waiting, watching, worshipping, and joyfully living in

Holy, jubilant, exuberant wonder as they expectantly

wait to welcome all they know and love, home!