He is risen.

So are we!

And so

we rise

and rise

and  rise

and rise!

Ahhh such

a wondrous,



doctrinal gem

that if dwelt upon

as we go through

out our days has

us living in the

majestic throne room

of our God perpetually.

He is dwelling in us,

King of Kings and

Lord of Lords.

And we are ever

so humbly,

so gratefully,

dwelling in Him.

And so we, as

sons and daughters

of the Heavenly

King of Kings

and Lord of Lords,

gloriously rise

through our

triune God’s

resurrection power.

And so we will

and can and

indeed should rise

in the midst of

joy, blessing,

pain, or sorrow.

And so indeed.

we do rise!

For He is risen.

And so are we.

For Christ is

our ever-rising

light and glory-filled

multi-colored sunrise

of victorious, jubilant hope

throughout all our days

and throughout all eternity.

as we will one day joyously

reign with Him. For He is risen.

So are we! And so precious

church of Jesus Christ

with every step may

our hearts in gratitude

worship, and with great

adoration and praise

ceaselessly and

triumphantly say,

“He is risen.

And so I rise.”

Even though

we are all

still in our dusty

earthly state by

His beautiful grace

we rise from glory to glory.”

Oh the blessed, jubilant

hope we have in Jesus Christ

our resurrected, living Lord.

May we all boldly and

unashamedly rehearse in

our hearts over and over again

this magnificent doctrinal gem,

because of Jesus Christ,

our risen Lord we rise,

we rise, and we rise

from glory ,to glory, to glory!

Amen, amen, and Amen!