pearl 2

The darkened, enemy sent  grains of sand and  painful obsidian

storms and waves of frothy blue topaz and aquamarine sometimes

fill our day ahhh not to defeat us  or bring us down but to make us

run to the Savior and make Christ our delight, our apparel, our joy

our first love, our fortress, our rock, our refuge, our shelter,

our strength and delightful friend of our hearts, souls, and minds.


So stand firm, looking unto Jesus Christ the Lord,

our ultimate friend, knowing that we are His exqusite

Christ cultivated pearls!  We are His priceless joy and delight!

We are all  beloved treasures of His heart . May our beautiful ,

perfect Savior, Jesus Christ, our precious, tender Lord, be our

most prized and trusted friend whom we always run to, first!