God is love.

God is truth.

And so we

speak the

truth in love.

For love

without truth

is deceptive.

And truth

without love

can become

a legalistic,

prideful cruelty and

often times lacks our

Savior’s precious gift of grace!

Such a delicate theological balance

between truth, grace, and love.

May  our precious and tender

Triune God give us

the proper measure

of love, grace, and truth

so that we may boldly

stand, proclaim, defend

and live out Christ’s gifts of

truth, love, mercy,

grace, and forgiveness

that we as sinners have

all so mercifully received!

May we not hide salvation’s gift!

May we as the redeemed  children

of the King of Kings be joyfully

willing  to proudly, unashamedly

and boldy proclaim to all the gospel news,

“I am a sinner redeemed by the

precious blood of the Lamb!”