When humanity makes sport of trying to bring reproach upon

the righteous who are the apple of His eye who are royally redeemed

and bought by the precious blood of Jesus Christ, fear not

royally redeemed Child of the most high King of Kings,

fear not the reproach or the insults of mortal men,

ahhh for this is truly when our God brings Godly and divinely sent

retribution and reproach upon anyone who would harm or try to

destroy a Child of the one and only true and living God!

This is when our God sends treasures of wisdom, grace,

forgiveness and love to the Child of the one and only most High God!

For Christ is our ultimate warrior, our redeemer, our defender,

our friend, and He is perfectly faithful oh so very faithful and

perfectly loyal and promises to  walk with us no matter how 

difficult the earthly journey ,no matter how difficult the eternal test,

no matter how difficult the insults ,the reproaches, the shame

keep on keeping on Child of the most High God!

keep on keeping on for great is your reward in Heaven,

keep on keeping on for this world is not our home!