Father forgive us every time we have harshly judged another instead of loved, excluded rather than included, thought of self rather than others, did not think before we spoke,created hurt rather than healing,marginalized and minimized the life of another, set ourselves up to look like a saint rather than a sinner saved by grace, boasted of gifts,talents,provisions that were freely given to us as an act of God’s grace to help the people of God rather than to use as a harmful measuring stick to say,”Look God has blessed me not you,something must be wrong with you!” Oh gracious Heavenly Father forgive us every we time we have harshly and unfairly judged each other instead of graciously and gently loved! For truly we are most like thee our precious Savior when we unconditionally, mercifully, graciously, humbly confidentially love with the benevolent, gracious, abundant, ceaseless, unending, interminable, eternal, perpetual, everlasting, enduring, continuous,unbroken, unremitting,relentless   ,recurrent lavish love,grace, compassion and mercy of our of precious Triune God! Father forgive us every time we have harshly judged one another instead of loved!