Lord teach us to pray without ceasing!

Lord teach us to pray!

May our prayers be an action done graciously,lovingly, mercifully, privately,

for the glorious advancement of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ,our King!

May our prayers be a quiet time of worship,learning blessing,gleaning leaning,and

reflection as we learn to quietly and humbly sit at Jesus feet just as Mary did.

May our prayers be a royal visit where we enter into His palace as fledglings and paupers

in need of our Triune God’s tender mercy,grace,provision,and tender care and come away from

the throne room of grace, with Cross procured royal identities,titles,and righteously re-appareled

with purple and gold royal robes of salvation as we are proclaimed Sons and Daughters of the King of Kings and announced in the royal courts of Heaven as His Kings, His Queens and, His High Priests!

May our prayers be a time of worship,repentance,refreshment,and blessing,a place of preparation,

so that we can see with eyes of faith His majestic plan to turn our ashes into glorious grace!

May our prayers be a realized privilege,a royal conversation with our Holy,precious loving Triune God,

a place where we we can rest and not be weary for it is in the throne room of our God there is

constant re-newal and refreshment in the joy filled throne room of our God

May our prayers bring a replacement of our earthly weakness

with His unending, eternal, victorious strength and love.

May our prayers be a confident act of faith knowing that our prayers of love and grace for all can change God’s mind! For the prayers of the righteous availeth much! This we have been told. This we know in our souls! For we are the apple of His eye!

May our prayers of intercession on on behalf of any and all souls set the captives free, make the crooked places straight make the blind to see!

And for those who cannot pray may they know  that the most powerful prayers to our God is our tears,a Holy rain trustfully given to our Savior, God, and King who will wipe away all tears with His joyous songs of welcomings.

And to those who bring the joyful peals of laughter, this is a prayer of gratefulness and great love to our God for all the blessings He graciously and lavishly bestows!

The act of prayer is such a Holy blessing!

Lord teach us to pray without ceasing!

Lord teach us to pray!