Eagle Soaring

I saw them. I mean I really saw them
in all their sin wounds, and needs
and judged them unmercifully
because my insecurity immaturity,
and personal choice was to judge
them and not to love them and offer
them the mercy, love, and lavish grace
that our Savior has given to me
time after time after time.

And so our Savior weeps and pursues
them and finds them despite my pride,
arrogance and un-crucified ways.

Yet because of our Savior’s lavish grace
loves us despite our un-sanctified ways.
And if you listen closely you can hear Him
lovingly say,Come up higher Child of Grace.

I saw them.I mean I really saw them
in all their sin, wounds, and needs
because of the Savior who dwells
within me who saw me and pursued me
in spite of my sinful estate.I saw them
and loved them because Christ has loved
me unconditionally time after time after time.
And Christ in me pursued them with the new birth.
And all of Heaven rejoiced because of one sinner
that was brought into the Kingdom through the
power of the Cross through the power of love
and grace from the source of all sources,our
crucified and risen Lord, Jesus Christ.

And because of our Savior’s lavish love
beckons us whether we are living in the spirit
or struggling in the flesh to come up higher
and victoriously stand where we have been placed
so we can value others with Christ’s victorious
gentle compassionate love, mercy and grace.