With Christ
in our hearts
there is always
beauty within.

With Christ
as our creator
there is always
beauty to be
found in His
exquisite and
beautiful creation.

With Christ
in our hearts
we are perfectly
imperfect as royal
Sons and Daughters
of the King of Kings.

With Christ
in our hearts
He orders our
steps and we
can unequivocally
trust His loving hands.

With Christ
in our hearts
we are never
alone for He
in the stillness
of our hearts our
Triune God is
always joyfully
whispering our names
to come and sup with Him.

With Christ
in our hearts
no foe can
defeat us
for it is our
God who fights
for us, defends us
and makes every day
a victorious and
triumphant Jericho.

With Christ
in our hearts
no need is too
small or too
difficult for
He will joyfully
provide for us
from His limitless
supply of lavish
abundance for
we are His bride.

With Christ
in our hearts
there is no
battle that
cannot be won
with our
Triune God’s
mighty power
for we are
covered by
the shadow
of His
exquisite wings.

With Christ
there is no
wound or pain
that cannot
be gently
and healed
from within
and without.
For with His
stripes we
are healed.

With Christ
on our side
our circumstances
are not our focus
but the very person
of Jesus Christ,
King of Kings and
Lord of Lords
maker of the Heavens
and the earth and
when He is the focus
of our heart and lives
everything else is dim in
comparison to Him.

Christ is our
all encompassing
our Abba Father
our earthly
glory filled,
hope giving.
Lord and