To breathe in, to dwell in, to focus upon the fragrant multicolored bouquets of velvet roses, lilies of the valley, orchids, wild flowers,and truly appreciate our Savior’s beauty saturated creations made for us to enjoy makes one realize how much our Savior loves and wants to redeem and bring each and every soul into the everlasting,ceaseless Heavenly Kingdom of love, joy, peace, and unending beauty.And to think all we have to do is to understand the depth of our earthly depravity and accept the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ into our hearts and our lives so that we can become His earthly garden of exquisite beauty filled with the eternal petals of His rose filled love, His orchid filled grace, His mountainous wild flower compassion, His royal wisteria filled righteousness, His poinsettia filled forgiveness, His fragrant honey suckle mercy, His tulip filled patience, His kingly lilac filled kindness, His amaryllis filled Joy, His hyacinth filled peace, His violet filled long-suffering, His lily of the valley comfort, and His incomparable morning-glory filled beauty. And then to humbly realize that no earthly sight can ever compare to His eternal, Heavenly, beauty and glory. For all the intricate beauties and blessings of this Christ created earth are just a glimpse,a foreshadowing of all the glories that are yet to come for the Child of the King of Kings whose sinful heart the Lord God of Hosts has redeemed.