We cannot love or seek the praise or approval of humanity over Christ or the Cross.For the precious approval of our Triune God must always supersede the love and approval of humanity no matter what the momentary and often times painful earthly cost! For seeking the joyous,victorious praise and approval of our God always supersedes and far outweighs the fleeting, momentary, earthly and God sent, prayed for daily sting of death to self that always brings to His delighted-in royal heirs His freedom,His strength, His resilience, His love, His gentle servant-hood, His compassion, His mercy, His peace, His never-ending resurrection power,His word, His people, His provisions, His presence and His ceaseless, eternal, majestic promises of royal, divine, earthly and eternal compassionate solisitude!

Ahhh take courage children of the Great I AM, we can always rejoice in all things, for we are forever and eternally engraved on His hands as our God’s royal heirs, children of the glorious, King of Kings, forever in His exquisite, royal, and beautiful care.