All our
in the eyes
of a perfect,
Holy, majestic,
loving God is
not good enough
for the salvation
of a precious soul
sought after by
the loving tender
Shepherd and Creator
who horrifically
died on a cross
to save all souls
from sin and an
anguished eternity!

When a soul
realizes their
sin and eyes
become unblinded
from the enemies
lies that they
can save themselves
or that they can
become their
own god,
it is at
this very
Holy Christ
given moment
that our loving
triune God
sweeps into a
and life
and mind and
brings them
to their knees
in recognizing
their need not
for religiosity
but for a personal
relationship with
Jesus Christ and
for a Savior
who can and
will when asked
save them from
all their sins.

For Jesus Christ
is the only way,
truth, and life
who joyfully becomes
our righteousness,
our holiness,
our strength,
our life and
who will
mold all
who are
His more
and more
into the
image of
their crucified
and risen Lord
and Savior,
Jesus Christ!

For salvation
is found only
in Jesus Christ.
Not good works,
not educational
degrees or a
certain type of
societal pedigree.

For we are all
equal at the
foot of the cross
sinners in need
of a Savior!
There is no
hierarchy with
our just and
righteous God!

For He alone is
the soaring way,
the freeing truth,
and the only way
that can truly
change a heart,
soul, and mind
into a new
and forever
and eternally
loved and accepted
for all of eternity.

May Christ
within us
pursue others
as we share
the good news
with His most
perfect, Holy love.

For salvation
Jesus Christ
is the
and gift
for all
of humanity!

And it is
only His
Holy narrative
that can change
our narrative
and make all
things gloriously
and beautifully new!