We are called
as God’s precious
children to speak
the truth in love.

One without the
other is not a
just balance for
the majestic God
of all eternity.

God’s love without
truth is not a just
balance or a picture
of love that the
Heavenly court of
our God chooses.

God’s truth without
love is oftentimes
cruelty and judgement
bereft of the gentle and
kind-hearted love found
in the glorious Kingdom
and beautiful personage
of our Servant-leader
our Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ who
died for all of us
on the beautiful-horrific
cross of Calvary on
the hill of Gethsemane.

Ahhh but the
spirit given
Cross given
beautiful balance
of transcendent
Christ given
truth and love
lived out in
Christ centered
believers is often
times the Heavenly
cross centered bridge
that most often brings
hearts and souls to a
saving knowledge of
Jesus Christ and turns
all of Heaven into a
victorious symphony
of praise for a lost sheep
once lost is now found!